WHEN: September 19-25, 2021 WHERE: Philmont Training Center Hello Photography Merit Badge Counselors! Moose Peterson, a world class nature and wildlife photographer, will conduct a workshop at Philmont from September 19-25, 2021. Come enjoy a unique, immersive experience exploring and taking photos of the BSA’s crown jewel High Adventure Base. Participants will elevate their photography skills through backcountry photo safaris and skull sessions in the digital darkroom. Join us to experience photographing the amazing scenery and wildlife! Register Here: https://m.email.scouting.org/rest/head/mirrorPage/@n0BhZ28sqPkosGTqk9GjiTZYq_gk9n8UbRpCL9vgjO3yqOcu1Z755Plt08wPLYO8U4bzRcZsHEout3GkGDRdUqOdoCZvF7GXmx3xocyOOX5jjDID.html

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