With recruitment season heating up, there are great new materials now available to help invite more families into Scouting! In this special edition “recruitment takeover” of the Marketing Newsletter, you’ll find customizable assets, images, and guides to use in taking your campaign to the next level! It’s time to help families “Escape the Indoors” and discover Scouting! https://m.email.scouting.org/rest/head/mirrorPage/@zrIuvcwJmip9xSxTOuyHm3ycmEVlvp0jtQ-V0DZRXXmdGZrXAVVg8SuHBrMMivJK6YV1iQjcnrCC4oC4rUZ0OQ9y5G0x7vvXITT7BYr7-CwfzNXd.html

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